Just like your marriage, you and your wedding rings are in a life long partnership. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you keep them clean, safe, and looking their best for life!


Don’t wear your rings while doing everything!

Do take them off when doing activities that are hard on your hands!

His and hers hammered gold bands, for a touch of rustic charm! Rings and photograph by Ravens’ Refuge.


Don’t love taking your rings off? It leaves you feeling “un-married”?

Do love a simple gold band that can be worn in their stead, one that you won’t mind getting a little dinged up!

Don’t leave your rings laying anywhere in the house!

Do create specific places to keep your rings throughout the house. Dish in the kitchen, ring holder in the bedroom, etc. That way you always have a safe place to stash them at a moments notice!


Don’t have an appraisal or insurance on your wedding rings?

Do have an appraisal done and purchase insurance accordingly! Today!! Jump to it!


Don’t have pictures of your rings?

Do have pictures taken for insurance and personal purposes!


Beautiful rose gold wedding set from Tacori

Don’t pull a major cooking mistake… AKA cooking with your rings on and putting your hands in raw meat, cookie batter and other messy stuff. Messy food = stuck in your rings.

Do take those babies off!


Don’t put lotion on your hands while wearing your rings!

Do take them off momentarily, until the lotion is rubbed in!


Don’t wear your rings in the bath, shower, pool or ocean! Its not good for the metal and sensitive gemstones, especially the abrasive sand and corrosive chlorine. Plus soap scum doesn’t just stick to tile….

Do stash them in one of the nifty ring holders you bought! Or give them a quick shower, too, in a cleaning solution or your home ultrasonic!


Don’t count washing your hands as cleaning your rings!

Do have them cleaned professionally by your jeweler! You’ll be amazed at how great they look and cleaning is often free to have done!


Don’t neglect your rings! Your hands, and subsequently your rings, go through much more wear and tear than you think!

Do have them checked every six months by your jeweler for damage, loose stones, and wear! PS – Great time to have them cleaned!

Fine jewelry is made to be durable, but its not indestructible! That’s why it is so important to make sure you have it properly looked after by a jeweler.


Don’t have your rings refinished (Also referred to as polishing or buffing where scratches are removed from the surface and the original finish is restored – this is different from cleaning) too frequently. This will prematurely wear your rings down.

Do treat yourself and have them refinished once in awhile, perhaps, for a special occasion – like an anniversary! No more than every nine months to a year.

Don’t be uncomfortable!

Do have your rings sized to fit you best! Its a perfectly normal, everyday occurrence in a jewelry repair shop. A trusted jeweler should have no problem sizing them.


Don’t be afraid to have your wedding rings reset if you are tired of an old setting or a ring has been severely damaged!

Do love your diamonds in a new setting!


Jess the Jeweler

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