Ah, vacation! Warm summer breezes, French wine and cheeses… Better put your jewelry away! (Catch that reference?? Any Parrotheads out there?)

I once met a very nice lady while working at a jewelry store in central New Jersey who was happily telling me about her upcoming vacation to Jamaica. It sounded like heaven, and I would have happily taken her place. At the time, though, I was sizing and cleaning several gold rings for her, including one with a four-carat diamond center stone. Very lovely. Very expensive. And she was planning on taking this ring with her to Jamaica.

Very neat little disguised safe!

I had to try really hard not to look horrified when she told me. While you might want to have your favorite diamond necklace with you to match that flirty sundress, there is no substitute for caution. My advice is to leave the really good stuff at home. I know that sounds sort of silly—jewelry is meant to be worn!—but unless you are rolling in cash or the idea of having to replace your jewelry if stolen or lost doesn’t make your stomach turn, then do not take it with you.

When on vacation, you’re taking time off, shutting down your mind, and eliminating all stressors. So it’s likely that you aren’t paying attention to details as much as you would back in “the real world,” making things like misplacing jewelry all the easier. Sometimes things can get hectic, too, especially when traveling by plane and overseas. I don’t even want to think about the statistics involving lost, damaged, or stolen luggage during air travel. Not to mention, that if you are staying in a hotel or B&B, someone you don’t know has access to your room. Yes, there may be a safe in the room, but I have also had the unfortunate experience of staying in one of the most exclusive hotels in Miami, only to have a friend’s jewelry and cash stolen from a locked safe. Foolproof they are not.

Super cute travel rolls! Perfect for stashing somewhere sneaky!

What is much safer is bringing one or two pieces of nicer jewelry that can go with a lot of outfits, in addition to a bunch of fun and fashionable costume jewelry that won’t break the bank if something happens to it. For some travel, however, I understand that it’s more of a necessity bring some of your more valuable jewelry. For example, if you are attending a special event or a wedding. In this case, bring only what you need. Travel with it on your person, if you can, or at least in your carry-on luggage. Then, while you are not wearing the jewelry, make sure it’s not left sitting out in your hotel room or rental home. Find a place to hide it (and don’t forget where you put it!).

Tip: If you leave jewelry in your hotel room while you go out, make sure to put it somewhere where it takes effort to find. For example, try putting it in an empty travel coffee mug, zipped inside a pocket in your suitcase, which should be closed shut and put inside a closed closet or under the bed.

If you are traveling with very expensive jewelry, you may even want to look into putting it in a lockbox at a local bank until you leave. You will also want to make sure the piece is properly appraised and insured. Make sure to also check your insurance policy to find out that it’s fully covered while traveling—there can be some sneaky fine print!

Traveling with valuable jewelry is not the greatest move, but neither is leaving it at home sitting out while you are away. So whatever you choose to do, make sure to protect yourself as best you can! Safe travels!


Jess the Jeweler


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