If you ask me, everyone should wear a watch. Not only can it be super annoying to pull out your phone when you need to know the time, but wearing a watch can be quite empowering. There’s just something about a gorgeous metal or leather strap against your arm that feels bold and sexy. If you don’t own a wristwatch and are looking to purchase one, you may feel a little anxious—just like with any other first-time purchase. There are so many option options available in women’s watches! Between brands, styles, colors, and prices: the possibilities are endless!

When buying your first watch, you’ll really want to keep quality in mind. Sure, you can get something with a low price, but it will most likely mean lower quality. A good watch is an investment. Luckily, timepieces have never gone out of style, and a watch is something you can wear everyday. If you can swing it, spending a bit more on a beautiful high-quality piece is worth it. But you don’t want to just buy something with a high price point just because. First, start out by thinking about what kind of watch you’d like. Do you want something simple and understated, or extravagant? Do you want a watch that will go with every outfit you own? Do you want something that’s water resistant or has additional functionality, like a stopwatch or alarm? These questions are important to ask yourself, especially if you plan to spend quite a bit of money on a piece. Once you have your answers, now it’s time to shop!


Michael Kors


Popular fashion designer Michael Kors has a stunning line of watches in a great first-watch price range that should surely be considered if you’re in the market. Kors has come up with an extensive collection that includes everything from rose-colored to crystal-encrusted watches. Great quality and not crazy expensive, Michael Kors watches are a great first pick. Price range: $120–$250


Kate Spade


Kate Spade is the epitome of cute and classy in all her designs! And her line of watches is no different. It is simple yet girly, with pale pink and beige strap colors. For an understated look, check out her collection. Price range: $190–$250




It would be crazy not to mention the infamous MICHELE watches in this post. Some are pretty penny but so worth it. The attention to detail is impeccable, and the hand-stitched leather with a Swiss movement makes for a lasting piece. Also, MICHELE watches are great for literally any woman. Lawyers, designers, moms, teachers, …shopaholics…you name it! There are tons of styles, including understated neutrals, ceramics, and wild floral prints. Definitely a brand to consider! Price range: $100–$1,000+




Moving on up the ladder to pricier yet classic pieces, we have Cartier’s collection. These watches are timeless *wink wink* and, if cared for properly, can last a lifetime! Cartier watches, and their jewelry, can be quite pricey but for good reason. Cartier sells pure luxury, so much so that their jewels and watches have been worn by royalty and celebrities alike for decades. Their watches, made in Switzerland, are sure to suffice for anyone looking for excellent quality, luxury, and beauty. Cartier’s vast line of watches, with endless band options and classic square-shaped faces, will leave you with no trouble finding the right look. Price range: $1,000–$5,000+


So ask yourself what you’re really looking for in your timepiece and go out and find it. Shop around, compare, and have fun doing it! I mean, what are you waiting for? Time is of the essence!


<3 Deanndre


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