Gardening is awesome. Getting your nice, sparkly watch all dirty not so much! Certain activities are just not good for dress or luxury watches. So if you like having a watch on for rougher activities, investing in a sport watch might be a good idea. They’re made to take some bumps, bruises, dirt and excess moisture plus many can track steps, calories or your heart beat! 

So you’ve got this gorgeous new watch glistening on your wrist. You love it and you’re getting a ton of compliments, which means everyone else loves it, too! Everything is good as gold, until a few months later when you realize your piece isn’t glittering quite as bright. Before you think to give it the old ‘spit shine’, read this first! Luxury watches are pieces made to last for years, and they absolutely will, with proper care and cleaning. All watches are different, but here are some key tips on caring for your watch to ensure longevity.

You’ll want to watch out for your watch! While a watch is a staple piece and meant to be worn almost always, there are still certain activities when it should be taken off to prevent damage. I’m sure you can judge for yourself when those times are (ex. rock climbing, gardening, exercising). Here’s a tip- if you’re questioning whether a particular activity may cause damage, be sure to take your time piece off or leave it at home. Better to be safe than sorry!

An ultrasonic cleaner, like the one above, is perfect for getting jewelry and metal watches clean. It sends vibrations through cleaning solution to vibrate dirt out of small areas that can gather on the metal and gem surfaces. Cleaning at your jeweler is often free, so stop on by!

To get the sparkle and shine back in your watch you’ll want to be gentle with cleaning. Using a light hand and a slightly damp, well wrung, cloth gently wipe the face of your watch to remove any dust or residue. If it has a metal bracelet, that too can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Make sure to be careful when using water around your watch, especially if its not water proof. Once cleaned, dry it with a soft, clean towel and leave it sitting out for awhile to fully dry before putting it away. As for watches with leather straps, its best keep water away from them. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the leather and face clean. Its also good to take your watch for the occasional deep cleaning at your local jewelers. Their ultrasonic cleaner can remove dirt from in between links, which is difficult to do with an at home cleaning.

To care for your watch’s insides, finding an expert is a must. For fine tuning and keeping it in tip-top shape you’ll need to take it for a visit to the watchmakers after a few years of wear for a servicing. Do some research on local watchmakers and find the best, most comfortable fit for you. You won’t just want to hand your piece to anyone, so some super sleuthing and review checking is in order. Also, don’t forget that many jewelry stores that carry watches either have onsite watchmakers or can recommend one.

Getting a battery changed is a quick and easy trip to your local watchmaker or jewelry store. No need to fuss with trying to change it yourself… this usually results in damage to the watch and frustration on your part. *wink*

The servicing of your watch will depend on what type of watch you have – battery operated or automatic/mechanical. For mechanical or automatic, servicing is needed about every 4 years, give or take a year, even if it is running well. Think of it as a tune up and oil change, just like a car would have. For a battery operated watch- aka quartz – it really only needs attention if it begins to slow. Time for a new battery!

For storage its best to keep the watch in its box or watch winder if its automatic. Most luxury watches come with watch-boxes, but if for some reason you don’t have yours, a box can be easily bought online. Storing your watch away from other jewelry and watches will help protect it from dirt, dust and scratches.

So now you know how to properly care for your watch! While all of these steps are important, there’s no need to constantly fret and worry over your precious timepiece, but be mindful of it and its sure to last the longer!

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