One of the best parts of tuning into your favorite TV shows is getting to scope out all of the fashion and accessories the characters are wearing. I actually find myself distracted from what’s going on in the episode; I’m too busy wondering where I can get the gorgeous cocktail ring the TV actress is sporting! And I’m know I’m not the only one who’s wondering, so I’ve created a series, called “Get The Look”, in which I give some insight on how to accessorize like some of TV’s most popular characters.


Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) looking sophisticated in light blue and gray with a long silver necklace.

I’ve kicked off the series with a character who’s name has been everywhere lately: Olivia Pope. If you’re  an avid ‘Scandal’ watcher then this one is definitely for you! Olivia, played by the gorgeous and talented Kerry Washington, is a crisis manager who runs a firm based in Washington, D.C. She’s also setting trends all over in both fashion and accessories! Her signature look is anything but frumpy, with expertly tailored suits, fabulous coats, and classic jewelry. Olivia balances the lines between professional and stylish perfectly. She’s all about long layered necklaces, simple studs, and a delicate understated wrist watch. For anyone who’s interested in stealing her elegant jewelry style, I’ve picked out a few ‘signature Olivia’ pieces you, too, can try!



The Long Necklace



Olivia wore a necklace almost exactly like this in a recent episode of ‘Scandal’. From Ippolita’s signature ‘Rock Candy‘ collection, this piece is long and great for layering!

Pearl Studs With an Edge

Olivia would definitely appreciate the mix of classic and modern, edgy design featured in these pearl and diamond stud earrings by Ana Khouri. Perfect for work or play.

A Classic Timepiece

For a timepiece like Olivia’s, try this Movado ladies’ ‘Concerto’ watch.
Now that you have a few key piece options, I hope all you ‘Scandal’ obsessed ladies can easily create your very own Olivia Pope style!  Good luck and happy shopping!


<3 Deanndre

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