Let’s face it, most men are sort of clueless when it comes to buying jewelry for their significant others (or even their moms!). They aren’t sure where to get it, what she likes, how much to spend, what color metal, what kind of stone… The list goes on and on.

So, gentleman, this one is for you. Follow these ten tips and find the perfect piece your girl will love!

Low budget? Simple studs like these are perfect! And how friggin’ cute are they?!

1. Determine a budget.

Whether you want to spend $50 or  $10,000, figuring out a budget is the most important thing to do. Right from the start a budget will help you to determine what type of jewelry you will be shopping for. No matter what your budge, you can find something she’ll love! But

you have to know that pesky number first.

Tip: If your budget is on the lower side, don’t be afraid to shop for costume jewelry. Check out her favorite clothing store, like Banana Republic or Anthropologie for the latest styles. Costume jewelry is always fun and fashionable!

2. Figure out her style.

Pay attention, gents! Look at what she wears, and you will be able get a rough idea of what she likes. Does she usually wear smaller, daintier pieces or larger statement jewelry? Does she frequent an artisan jeweler? What colors does she like? Does she only wear silver or only wear gold? These are the types of questions you can ask yourself to help determine her tastes.

3. Snoop to get the perfect look.

I wouldn’t normally condone snooping, but in this case, peeking in her jewelry box to see what she has, likes, or more importantly what she doesn’t have, can be a helpful trick. Check to see if she has a Polyvor, Tumblr, or Pinterest account, too. If she does, there just may be some jewelry on there! Another great place to find the latest designs and fashions is in women’s magazines. If she reads any, take a look and see what designers or styles they are featuring. And don’t forget you can always ask her friends or check with her favorite jeweler to see if she has a wish list. There are so many resources at your disposal—use them!

A beautiful diamond surround pendant from Taccori! It would go great with the pair of diamond studs she has!

4.  Buy compliments, not duplicates.

Just because your significant other may own a pair of diamond studs does not mean she wants a second pair of stud earrings. Use your skills of observation to determine her style and buy complimentary pieces. For example, a diamond pendant would be the perfect piece to match with her diamond stud earrings. Does she have a favorite silver bracelet? Maybe a charm or a matching necklace would be perfect to go with it.

5. Make it personal.

A personalized gift is always appreciated. There are so many ways to have something custom-made today that if you have the time, it’s a must try. There are so many jewelers who can create the perfect piece just for your one and only. Another place to find custom-made jewelry is Etsy. Visit its shops to search for a unique take on a necklace or unusual gemstone. A lot of Etsy sellers will also custom-make jewelry based on what you’re looking for – as do most brick and mortar stores! – so don’t be afraid to send a seller a message and inquire.  You can also incorporate any theme into a custom piece. Her favorite color, her passion for the ocean, her love of nature, or even her love of motorcycles. When it’s personalized and custom, it’s whatever you want!

6. Repurpose.

A wonderful alternative to buying new jewelry is to have something old repurposed. If she owns an heirloom piece of jewelry, for example, it can be redesigned. (Just be certain that its ok to do so – there is no going back once the piece is taken apart!) An antique piece could also be refurbished, repaired, and cleaned so it looks like new. Or perhaps she has a piece with a lovely stone, but the design has gone out of fashion. The gem can be reset into something new that she will love!

Tip: Custom doesn’t necessarily mean expensive! Custom jewelry can be made for almost any budget at all. So whether it’s a lot or a little, just ask! You may be surprised.

Who wouldn’t want their grandmother’s ring restored and looking this good?! Just one excellent example of what could be when getting a piece of jewelry restored!

7. Shop around.

Every jewelry store carries different items, whether it’s the local shop or an eBay store. Many jewelry stores also have their own signature lines or one of a kind pieces in the case, as well as the big brand names. So take some time to look around and ask the salesperson for suggestions. Let them help you by showing you around the store.

8. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Almost every man I know waits until the last few days before they need a present to shop for it. Well, stop that! Give yourself more time, and you will be better off all-around. You won’t be rushed, you may have time to have something truly unique made, and you won’t spend more than your budget since you will have time to shop around and price things out.

9. If she doesn’t like jewelry, don’t buy her jewelry.

In my own mind every woman loves jewelry, but alas, I know that’s just not the truth. If your significant other does not wear jewelry or just plain doesn’t seem to care about it, get her something else. A lot of men go straight for jewelry as a default gift, but if your lady is not a jewelry lover, find out what she does love instead and go a different route.

10. Make it heartfelt.

This is the easiest step of all because if you have followed tips one through nine, you will have already succeeded into putting a lot of heart and thought into your present for your partner. And that is the most important gift of all.


Jess the Jeweler