It’s not often that you meet the mastermind behind an artistic creation. In fact, in the wonderful world of watches, it rarely happens. I have considered what it might have been like to hear Mr. Breguet tell me, presumably with great passion, about the watch he was developing. Imagine listening to Adrien Philippe explain his invention of the stem-winding system for watches…a horological fantasy!

Sablier Watches

Sablier watches features a concave crystal that is not only elegant but helps protect the crystal from scratches.

Enter K.C. Wu, the brainchild of Sablier Watches. Wu’s background in industrial design and his great love of watches led him to the creation of Sabelier.  “My fascination with anything mechanical dates back to when I was a young boy,” he said. “I loved discovering how things worked by dismantling them and putting them back together.”

Listening to his story of designing his “perfect watch” is impressive. Learning about his vision of where the crown should be placed, the importance of legibility, and the comfort and performance of a watch gives an immediate sense of connection between the designer and the product. With so many established manufacturers already in existence, the focus of the industry is so much on business and profits that the passion of watchmaking has been diluted into no more than a marketing phrase. But not for K.C. Wu.

His journey started by trying to create the exact watch he would want for himself. And there were some important elements of design that were not offered by the major manufacturers, so he got to work. One of Sablier’s most distinct design characteristics is its patented concave sapphire crystal. The curve of the

Sablier Watches

Classic or bold, whatever your taste, Sablier has a color combination to fit your fancy!

watch dial allows the crystal to sit below the bezel , which not only provides easy reading for wearers but gives excellent protection against wear. The sapphire crystal is anti-glare-coated on both sides, too, which further enhances legibility. The watch hands are elegantly curved to follow the angle of the crystal. The result is beautiful.

“My concept for the concave crystal was to create a better protected crystal against all surfaces, ” Wu
said. “Also, the patented shape reduces glare that often makes convex and flat crystal watches unreadable in bright light. The design is also distinct and elegant, which means a great deal to me.”

The initial collection is strikingly unique, and yet retains a classic look. There are three dial colors to choose from and a wide variety of leather straps to customize your look. And at the heart of the watch is the Swiss made ETA 2824 movement.


Jonathan Price “Princeton Watchguy”