Did you know that an automatic wrist watch needs maintenance every four to six years or that an automatic watch is better off stored in motion if its not worn on a regular basis? No? Then proceed and advice from experts shall be yours!

How to Keep Your New Watch in Tip-Top Shape

So you’ve got this gorgeous new watch glistening on your wrist. You love it and you’re getting a ton of compliments, which means everyone else loves it, too! Everything is good as gold, until a few months later when you realize your piece isn’t glittering quite as bright. Before you think to give it […]

An Overview of Watches: Quartz (Analog & Digital) & Mechanical (Automatic & Hand-Winding)

I’ve had a love affair with watches for quite some time now. They are seductive creatures, latching onto the wrists of folks everywhere. The shame of it is that so many of their owners are unaware of what’s really going on inside those shiny timepieces. Whether it is mechanical […]

Turn, Turn, Turn: Part II

Determining which winder is right for your watch!
I often hear from clients that they are having trouble with their watch winder, that it’s not keeping their watch running. The most common assumption when this happens is that there is a problem with the winder. People will say, “but my watch will run […]

Turn, Turn, Turn: Part I

Determining if you need a watch winder!
Watches may come in all shapes and sizes, but they only come in two different core types: those that require winding and those that don’t. If you own an automatic watch – which requires winding – then you may have considered purchasing a […]

How To Find A Good, Trustworthy Jeweler!

Over the years, I have gotten the feeling that, for many people, navigating the jewelry world is a lot like steering a ship through fog. It’s confusing and can slightly creep them out. People don’t know who they can trust, and they worry that the smiling sales person behind the counter […]