What?! You’ve owned your wedding rings for ten years and have never had them cleaned or check by a jeweler?! Oh boy …. well, Hammer + Gem to the rescue!!!! We have advice on how to care for and clean any piece of jewelry!

Untangling the Chain: 10 Tips to Make Your Jeweled Life Easier

Chains are fickle creatures. One day they are lying there so innocent, looking sparkly and perfect, and the next they are a tangled ball, all kinked-up, broken, and tarnished. They get tangled in your hair, get dirty, and darn, if you can’t get them on in the morning when […]

A Link-by-Link Guide to Chains

Chains are perhaps the most common piece of jewelry. They come in all lengths and sizes, and a darn good chain can make you feel sexy! I mean, think about it: the right weight, that gentle rolling feel on your skin, hits juuuust at the right place on your collarbone… […]

Allergic to Your Jewelry? 5 Steps to The Cure!

Metal allergies are fairly common. I recently stumbled upon a blog post by a young woman describing a newly developed allergy to her favorite David Yurman silver ring.

She claims to have worn the ring almost every day for two years. Suddenly she began developing a rash from the ring. […]

The Magical Rhodium Tour: “You want to do what to my ring?!”

Ah, rhodium! A term that causes great confusion among visitors to the jewelry world. Using rhodium is such a common practice in the industry that jewelry professionals sometimes forget that people unfamiliar with the field will think we are speaking gibberish when referring to it. So what is rhodium?

Rhodium […]

A Symbol of Eternity: Maintaining Your Wedding Rings

There are very few belongings that we intend to keep forever. The coffee maker will be replaced, as will the car, the couch, and even your favorite pair of blue jeans. But your engagement ring and wedding band will be worn for a lifetime. Even if at some point […]

Wedding Rings 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Ring Ownership!

Just like your marriage, you and your wedding rings are in a life long partnership. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you keep them clean, safe, and looking their best for life!

Don’t wear your rings while doing everything!
Do take them off when doing activities that are […]

Put Down the Jewelry and Walk Away: Leaving Your Pieces at the Jewelers

It’s not at all uncommon for a jeweler to ask you to leave your jewelry or watch with them while you are having repairs done. I know, I know. No one wants to leave his or her item at the shop for an extended period of time. Okay, so […]

Pearls of Wisdom, Part II: Getting Your Pearls Repaired

Pearls, while gorgeous and covetous, are super delicate, as we learned in Pearls of Wisdom, Part I. So, just like any other type of jewelry, pearl jewelry can need repairs. A jeweler will know what to do with them, but it’s important that you’re aware of how it works, […]

Vacation! The Perfect Time To Leave Your Jewelry At Home!

Ah, vacation! Warm summer breezes, French wine and cheeses… Better put your jewelry away! (Catch that reference?? Any Parrotheads out there?)

I once met a very nice lady while working at a jewelry store in central New Jersey who was happily telling me about her upcoming vacation to Jamaica. It sounded like […]

Pearls of Wisdom, Part III: Restringing Pearls

Pearls glorious pearls. Strands of pearls can add a little something-something to any style whether it’s simple elegance or funky fun. And with so many opportunities to wear your pearls, they are bound to need restringing at some point. Even though pearls are most commonly strung with silk, a high-quality and durable […]