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Do It Right: Designing the Perfect Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is probably one of the most important pieces of jewelry you can ever purchase. Not only does it stand for commitment and unconditional love, but it’s something your partner-to-be is going to have (and wear!) forever. So, you better make sure she loves it!

Sometimes the perfect engagement […]

Get the Look: Olivia Pope of ABC’s ‘Scandal’

One of the best parts of tuning into your favorite TV shows is getting to scope out all of the fashion and accessories the characters are wearing. I actually find myself distracted from what’s going on in the episode; I’m too busy wondering where I can get the gorgeous […]

Alternate Gemstones For The Modern Engagement Ring

If you are reading this article, you may be one of the many people interested in something other than a colorless diamond for their engagement ring. As the demand has grown for custom engagement rings (Everyone wants something unique!), so too has the demand for alternative center stones. Though […]

Untangling the Chain: 10 Tips to Make Your Jeweled Life Easier

Chains are fickle creatures. One day they are lying there so innocent, looking sparkly and perfect, and the next they are a tangled ball, all kinked-up, broken, and tarnished. They get tangled in your hair, get dirty, and darn, if you can’t get them on in the morning when […]

A Link-by-Link Guide to Chains

Chains are perhaps the most common piece of jewelry. They come in all lengths and sizes, and a darn good chain can make you feel sexy! I mean, think about it: the right weight, that gentle rolling feel on your skin, hits juuuust at the right place on your collarbone… […]

The Customer’s Guide to Ring Sizing

Ring sizing is one of the most common repairs done in a jewelry repair shop. It should be a manageable task for a skilled jeweler to handle. Whether a ring be silver, gold, or platinum, ring sizings are approached in generally the same manner.
Ways to Size a Ring
There are […]

Allergic to Your Jewelry? 5 Steps to The Cure!

Metal allergies are fairly common. I recently stumbled upon a blog post by a young woman describing a newly developed allergy to her favorite David Yurman silver ring.

She claims to have worn the ring almost every day for two years. Suddenly she began developing a rash from the ring. […]

Buy This, Not That: Valentine’s Day Jewelry Guide

Every year after Christmas an onslaught of pink and red jewelry starts to appear at retail stores everywhere. This can mean only one thing: Valentine’s Day is coming! Also every year around January-February anyone who has a significant other in their lives runs out to buy pink teddy bears, […]

Ring Shots & More: Wedding Photography by Brandon Rodkewitz

Brandon Rodkewitz sits on my couch and pecks away at his computer, culling photos from a wedding he shot a week ago. His hands fly across the keyboard tagging images into categories, thousands of photographs from one wedding. He makes decisions so quickly that its hard for me to […]

The Magical Rhodium Tour: “You want to do what to my ring?!”

Ah, rhodium! A term that causes great confusion among visitors to the jewelry world. Using rhodium is such a common practice in the industry that jewelry professionals sometimes forget that people unfamiliar with the field will think we are speaking gibberish when referring to it. So what is rhodium?

Rhodium […]