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Diamond Education and What It Can Do For You

Over the last few months, our gemologist Alicia has shared her expertise on buying diamonds, including a four-part buying guide and a four-part series on the 4Cs of diamonds. She did an awesome job, and if you read all of them, you are now a rock star in the […]

Dissecting the 4Cs – Part III: Color

While most shoppers hunt for a perfect colorless diamond, these popular gems actually come in nearly every color of the rainbow. Colorless diamonds are prized for their “whiteness,” which shows off the beauty of the diamond and indicates a purer crystal structure—quite a rarity—but a recent increase in demand […]

Dissecting the 4Cs – Part II: Clarity

Every pebble in a stream, every cloud in the sky, and every diamond is unique. The main quality that differentiates one diamond from another is its clarity characteristics, both in or on the stone. Within the diamond, there can be internal flaws, also known as inclusions, such as pinpoints, […]

Dissecting the 4Cs – Part I: Carat

Carat is the easiest of the 4Cs to understand and evaluate, as it is not at all subjective. All you do is put the stone on a scale and determine out how much it weighs. A carat equals one-fifth of a gram (or 200 milligrams)—the same weight as a […]

Buying Diamonds 101 – Part I: An Introduction

Have you been eyeing every ring on strangers’ hands then looking down to envision it on your own finger? Did your boyfriend actually show interest in your friend’s recently received engagement ring? Are there pictures of diamonds taped to your bathroom mirror? Do you hear “Every kiss begins with k” being hummed, […]

Buying Diamonds 101 – Part II: What You Want to Buy

When you’re ready to purchase a diamond, how do you even know what you want to buy? To make that decision you are going to want to determine your preferences and budget. There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to an entire engagement ring, necklace, or earrings, but […]

Buying Diamonds 101 – Part III: What You Are Buying

Your next task is to narrow down your diamond search using the 4Cs. Now what is that, you ask? The 4Cs is a system created by the Gemological Institute of America to standardize the way in which diamonds are graded. This classification enables consumers to know exactly what they are buying by […]

Buying Diamonds 101 – Part IV: Who to Buy From

There are many places to go to get a diamond. In this day and age you don’t even have to leave your house—the diamond will come to you. You have three general options of where to purchase your stones: chain stores, independent stores, and online retailers. The quality and price range […]

A Symbol of Eternity: Maintaining Your Wedding Rings

There are very few belongings that we intend to keep forever. The coffee maker will be replaced, as will the car, the couch, and even your favorite pair of blue jeans. But your engagement ring and wedding band will be worn for a lifetime. Even if at some point […]

Wedding Rings 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Ring Ownership!

Just like your marriage, you and your wedding rings are in a life long partnership. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts to help you keep them clean, safe, and looking their best for life!

Don’t wear your rings while doing everything!
Do take them off when doing activities that are […]