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Help Jessica’s New Startup Win Funding! Just simply watch the video below!

Hey all! Jess here! I’m working on a new startup idea to house my jewelry company, Jessica Allison Jewelry, as well as many other creative businesses in the form of a retail and creative co-working space. This video is step one in a grant competition for $10k in funding. […]

Do It Right: Designing the Perfect Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is probably one of the most important pieces of jewelry you can ever purchase. Not only does it stand for commitment and unconditional love, but it’s something your partner-to-be is going to have (and wear!) forever. So, you better make sure she loves it!

Sometimes the perfect engagement […]

Is the Jewelry Industry Ripping You Off?

“Am I getting ripped off? Am I getting a good deal? Am I overpaying?” These are the questions many people ask themselves when they purchase jewelry, and they are completely valid things to wonder. In most cases, jewelry is not exactly an inexpensive investment. So I’m here to help. […]

Best 5 Under $500: Radiant Orchid Jewelry

Spring is here! New styles and trends are all around! One of the best trends this season has to be the fabulous Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid. This beautiful, deep lilac tone is hard to miss these days as it’s everywhere. You’ll be seeing it in clothing, […]

Birthstones For The Fashionable Shopper

Birthstones are pretty cool; they’re beautiful sparkling stones in every color, dedicated to you and your birth month! What’s not to love? Birthstones date way back to biblical times, one for each month of the year and for each of the twelve zodiac signs. They were even said to hold magical powers. […]

Dissecting the 4Cs – Part IV: Cut

We have made it through three of the 4Cs, and here we are at cut—the last, but the most important, of the Cs.

Why, you ask? Well, a diamond’s cut can be like the difference between taking filet mignon and burning it to a tasteless crisp versus searing it to […]

Ring Shots & More: Wedding Photography by Brandon Rodkewitz

Brandon Rodkewitz sits on my couch and pecks away at his computer, culling photos from a wedding he shot a week ago. His hands fly across the keyboard tagging images into categories, thousands of photographs from one wedding. He makes decisions so quickly that its hard for me to […]