Jess Gebauer
Jess GebauerFounder, Hammer + Gem
I have always loved and respected the jewelry world, but many people are so mystified by this awesome industry, its heart breaking. So I’ve made it my mission to demystify the jewelry business for consumers in as honest and helpful a way as possible. Read More about Jess
Danielle PoieszEditor
Double Vision Editorial owner and editorial guru Danielle Poiesz has run the publishing gamut since graduating from Boston University with a degree in English Literature. From sales and editorial, to business development, digital/online, and self-publishing, to strategic innovations and tech; from Macmillan to Simon & Schuster to Penguin to freelance editorial work, she’s gathered a wealth of experience. And through it all, one thing has always stayed the same: her love of the written word.
Alicia Kozikowski,Contributor
I currently work at Casting House, a wholesale jewelry manufacturer. I am Team Leader of the Client Services department responsible for the customer services, and project coordination of custom, catalog, and production pieces. Prior, I worked in the service and repair department at . There I learned hands on about jewelry and watches, all the while being surrounded by luxury pieces. After receiving my Graduate Gemology degree, my jewelry career began at the Gemological Institute of America where I graded diamonds, day in and day out. This was the perfect foundation as diamonds and jewelry are inseparable. The six months before I earned my Graduate Geological certification at the GIA, finally finding the industry for me- not one in which I just fell.
Jonathan PriceContributor
Jonathan has worked in luxury jewelry and watches for over two decades. His extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for watches of all kinds makes him an industry expert. His experience in luxury jewelry also includes store management, sales, client services and vendor relations. He currently works as a Watch Specialist and Sales Representative at in Princeton, NJ.